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You have observed that Hajj-ul-Tamatoo consists of two parts: Umrat-ul-Tamatoo and Hajj. The first part is connected to the second, the Umrah preceding the Hajj.

Hajj-ul-Ifraad is a distinct kind of pilgrimage incumbent upon those who live in or within 48 miles of Makkah and if it is possible for such a person to perform an Umrat-ul-Mufradah, it is obligatory on him to do so separately. If it is possible for him to perform only one of them, his obligation will be to perform that only. If it is possible for him to perform one of them at one time and the other at another time, he must perform each of them at the time possible and if he can manage both together, he must perform them at the same time. In this situation it is the common view among the scholars that as a matter of caution, he must give precedence to the Hajj over the Umrat-ul-Mufradah.

All the ceremonies are common to Hajj-ul-Ifraad and Hajj-ul-Tamat'toe but there are certain differences:

First: For Hajj-ul-Tamat'toe it is obligatory that Umrat-ul-Tamat'toe must precede it and both be performed in the same year (as already stated) but that is not necessary for Hajj-ul-Ifraad.

Second: In Hajj-ul-Tamat'toe, slaughtering of an animal is obligatory (as already stated) but that is not necessary for Hajj-ul-Ifraad.

Third: In Hajj-ul-Tamat'toe it is not permissible to give precedence by choice to Tawaaf or Saee over the two stops but it is permissible to do so in Hajj-ul-Ifraad.

Fourth: In Hajj-ul-Tamat'toe, the ihram for the Hajj is worn in Makkah. For Hajj-ul-Ifraad, it depends upon whether the pilgrim lives in Makkah or not.

Fifth: Umrat-ul-Tamatoo must precede the Hajj but that is not necessary for Hajj-ul-Ifraad.

Sixth: As a matter of obligatory caution, in Hajj-ul-Tamat'toe, it is not permmited to make an optional Tawaaf after wearing the ihram for it but that is permmitted in Hajj-ul-Ifraad.

If a person wears ihram for an optional Hajj-ul-Ifraad, he is permitted to change his intention to Umrat-ul-Tamat'toe by removing some hair and coming out of ihram unless he has recited Talbiyah after Saee in which event the change is not permmitted.

If a person wears the ihram for Hajj-ul-Ifraad and enters Makkah, he is permitted to perform an optional Tawaaf but, as a matter of caution, it is obligatory on him to repeat the talbiyah after the prayers (salaat) for the Tawaaf if he did not change his intention to Hajjul Tamat'toe while it was permissible to do so. This caution applies to obligatory Tawaaf also.

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